"But Mum, I'm so booored!"

School holidays are finally here! Time to relax, sleep in, and... well, find fun and productive activities to do. It's the time of year when children are stuck in a limbo of "I don't know what to dooo" and brainstorming activities can be a little tricky. Most activities end up being screen-related, which can be problematic for the development of your child if a large chunk of their time is spent playing games or watching videos. Screen-time for your child can be beneficial in that it gives them a chance to experience and master the virtual world, but this needs to be limited so that children have the chance to express their creativity and imagination to come up with more ways to keep themselves busy. We completely understand that thinking of ideas can be exhausting, so we've collated a quick list below of activities that you and your children can do together this summer!

Share this flyer with your friends and family, and make this summer a memorable and productive holiday for your children!

And while you're at it, drop a comment below with some suggestions on activities for young children.

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